Dark humor with GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF

HoF 2021: Emma Holzapfel and Kevin Koch present GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF.

For fans of 15-minute diversions, the darkly humorous short film GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF by Emma Holzapfel and Kevin Koch (55th Hof International Film Festival), which was screened as part of the BR Short Film Night, can still be seen in the ARD media library until 7 June 2022.

Imagine it's lockdown and you're meeting up with your friends over Zoom to continue partying. Drinking together, talking about things that are close to your heart, or playing games. But what happens when a game suddenly turns serious...that's what Emma Holzapfel and Kevin Koch show us with their short film GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF. A game, exciting until the very last second.

"Girl Who Cried Wolf" von Emma Holzapfel und Kevin Koch (2021)
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Short film, 15 minutes, Directors: Emma Holzapfel and Kevin Koch, Germany, 2021, available in the ARD video until 7 June 2022