Soccer in Hof

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That's football – sometimes the better one wins.

Lukas Podolski

And who is the better one, we want to find out again this year. Since 1969, on Saturday morning, a selection of members (including female members) of the invited film teams (FC Hofer Filmtage) competes against a selection of seasoned soccer players from the city of Hof (FC Filmwelt Hof).

In the first match after the pandemic-related break in 2020, FC Hofer Filmtage made an impressive comeback. We would like to build on this and are looking for active players from your film teams for 29th of October, who want to take up the sporting challenge, which is of course also highly entertaining. They can contact the coaching team directly:

Fussball stefan von moers


Stefan von Moers

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Alfred Holighaus

The current hygiene regulations in Bavarian amateur soccer will apply. More about the game and its history at We are looking forward to your numerous registrations - and to discovering new talents, not only in film!