Couch Cinema Tip: NEEDLE PARK BABY by Pierre Monnard


    NEEDLE PARK BABY (54. Hof International Film Festival 2020) by Pierre Monnard, based on the autobiography of the same name by Michelle Halbheer, is one of the most successful Swiss films.

    Needle Park (Platzspitz), a park in the heart of Zurich, was home to the largest open drug scene in the world until it was forced out in 1995. With the crackdown, drug-addicted Sandrine (Sarah Spale-Bühlmann) and her eleven-year-old daughter Mia Luna Mwezi) move to a sleepy little town in the Zurich Oberland. The initial idyll quickly ends when old friends turn up and Sandrine relapses.

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    NEEDLE PARK BABY can be seen in the 3sat Media Library until 23 December 2023.