THE GIACOMETTIS - a family on the big screen


    Susanna Fanzun's documentary THE GIACOMETTIS (57th Hof International Film Festival) was released in cinemas on Thursday, 28 December 2023.

    The rugged, mysterious Swiss mountain valley of Bergell has produced an extraordinary dynasty of artists: the Giacomettis. From the father Giovanni, who considered an Impressionist of the first hour, to the children Alberto, Diego, Ottilia and Bruno, they were all endowed with remarkable artistic talent. Masterful paintings paired with sketches, personal letters, contemporary witnesses and breathtaking shots of the Alpine landscape allow us to look deep into the innermost parts of this extraordinary family of artists.

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    Distribution: Arsenal Filmverleih

    With THE GIACOMETTIS, director Susanna Fanzun has created "a rich cinematic meditation on artistic life paths" (perlentaucher/Fabian Tietke). Finally in cinemas now.

    57. Internationale Hofer Filmtage: Regisseurin Susanna Fanzun bei der Premiere von DIE GIACOMETTIS

    57th Hof International Film Festival: Director Susanna Fanzun at the premier of I GIACOMETTI