HoF Film Festival Rendezvous: THE GIACOMETTIS meet the Segantinis


    The Hof International Film Festival is kicking off the new year with a special event as part of the HoF Filmtage Rendezvous screening series. On Sunday, 7 January 2024 at 5 p.m., the documentary THE GIACOMETTIS by Susanna Fanzun (57th Hof International Film Festival) will be shown at the Central-Kino Hof. Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini, author and granddaughter of the famous painter Giovanni Segantini, film producer Nicole Leykauf (both from Hof) and the Artistic Director of the HoF IFF Thorsten Schaumann will be present.

    The rugged, mysterious Swiss mountain valley of Bergell has produced an extraordinary dynasty of artists: the Giacomettis. In her documentary, Engadine director Susanna Fanzun embarks on a unique search for traces of this family.

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    Distribution: Arsenal Filmverleih

    Art, passion, love and family are often the sources of creative work. Like the Giacomettis, the Segantinis are a largefamily in which each member chose their own path in life. Both families have a great deal to do with art, which made them world-famous. After a short introduction by Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini before the movie, we will talk to her and Nicole Leykauf afterwards about the film and the friendship between the two families. A movie night with and about family!

    Regisseurin Susanna Fanzun im Club-Gespr├Ąch bei den 57. Internationalen Hofer Filmtagen

    Club Talk: Director Susanna Fanzun at the 57th Hof International Film Festival