Geschichte Einer Familie

    The long-awaited date, the cinema release of DIE GESCHICHTE EINER FAMILIE (formerly known as CRASH, distributed by Filmwelt), is here. Thursday, June 15, 2023 it goes off.

    For his work, director Karsten Dahlem received the Hof Gold Prize of the Friedrich Baur Foundation 2022 in memorian Heinz Badewitz. The jury mentor duo of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts M+M, Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia reasoned: The film deals with “…radical subject with enormous pitfalls. Dahlem and his team embrace this narrative risk to the full, creating a film of extreme emotional density that is difficult for the audience to escape and at the same time hard to bear.”

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    After a serious accident, stunt driver Chrissi (superb Anna Maria Mühe, who will receive the Bavarian Film Award for "Best Actress" for this role on Friday, June 16, 2023) returns to her village in a wheelchair, where she, her father and her former friends are inescapably confronted with the past.

    DIE GESCHICHTE EINER FAMILIE is life in all its force, which you should not miss.