TRÜMMERMÄDCHEN at the Neues Wanderkino Cinema in Dachau


    On Saturday, 1 April 2023 at 7:30 pm at the Neues Wanderkino in Dachau, Oliver Kracht's TRÜMMERMÄDCHEN (winner of the Bild-Kunst Award at the 55th IHF 2021) as well as the short film ADAGIO CON SENTIMENTO, directed by Szilard Varnai, will be shown. The event is organized by TollhausDachau e.V., the directors will be present.

    Admission is free, but seats are limited, so order your tickets now:

    ADAGIO CON SENTIMENTO is about the 55-year-old violinist Klara. After a stroke and a resulting paralysis, she lives in a state care facility. Deprived of her musical abilities and her passion for classical music, she begins to reconnect with music through a young caregiver named Jan.

    TRÜMMERMÄDCHEN is set in 1946 Germany: hunger, rubble, returning soldiers. Charlotte is pregnant, but her beloved “homecomer” wants neither her nor his child. To win him over and escape the threat of disgrace, she enrolls in the "Fräulein Course" of actress Gloria Deven, who was an aspiring movie starlet under fascism and is now banned from working. But Gloria, with her merciless teaching methods, is not interested in reviving the girls' coquetry, which had become unnecessary during the war. Instead, she awakens in Lotte a longing for something that has been denied to her for too long: Freedom.

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    After the screening, Szilard Varnai, Ursula Deuker (lead role in ADAGIO CON SENTIMENTO) and Oliver Kracht will participate in an audience discussion moderated by the artistic director of the Hof International Film Festival, Thorsten Schaumann.