HoF PLUS, a diverse supporting program

    56. Internationale Hofer Filmtage: HoF PLUS

    There is also a lot to discover beyond the movie theaters at this year's Hof International Film Festival. With HoF PLUS, we have put together a diverse supporting program that illustrates the special atmosphere of the festival: up close, spontaneous and always good for a surprise.

    You’ll find our special place for festival encounters at the Bürgergesellschaft (BG). It is not only the business center and event location for HoF PLUS, but also the central place for all (!) festival guests, interested cinemagoers and accreditation holders and those who might want to become one:

    Club talks

    Filmmakers talk about the premiere of their film at the festival and give insights into their work.

    Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 4 pm, Bürgergesellschaft

    VSK talk

    The Association of Professional Groups for Production Design and Costume Design presents the professions to a broad public with the aim of strengthening the reputation of both professions in professional circles and among the interested public.

    Friday, 27 October 2023, 1:30 pm, VHS Hofer Land, Ludwigstraße 7

    Nuremberg Writers' Scholarship

    Five scholarship holders worked for almost two years on their first screenplay drafts, supported by personal mentors from various areas of the film and television industry. At the First Look Pitch, they present their material exclusively to the public for the first time.

    Friday, 27 October 2023, 2 pm, Bürgergesellschaft

    Panel: Generations in Cinema

    In the cinema we experience a meeting of different generations of filmmakers. Especially united by their love and passion for the art of film. Here an exchange of emotions, perspectives and sensations takes place.

    Friday, 27 October 2023, 3 pm, Bürgergesellschaft

    Talk with Maria Schrader

    The renowned actress shares insights into her work at the 57th Hof International Film Festival, followed by a discussion.

    Saturday, 28 October 2023, 7 pm, Galeriehaus

    Zündfunk from the Galeriehaus

    Bayern 2 Zündfunk is right in the middle: Achim Bogdahn reports live from the Galeriehaus, where he presents exciting guests, conversations and anecdotes.

    Wednesday to Sunday at 10 am, Bürgergesellschaft and as a livestream, with audience

    The Breakfast Club

    Festival director Thorsten Schaumann has to get up early and gives a brief preview of the day at the Bürgergesellschaft counter.

    Bürgergesellschaft and as livestream, Tuesday to Sunday, 10 pm, with audience

    Late Night Talk Show – GASTHof

    With changing guests we discuss the events of the day.

    Daily from 5 pm with open end


    Every day from 5 pm the Galeriehaus opens for you. Together we can let the day become the night in a nice atmosphere.

    You will also watch the Club talks, the Breakfast Club and the Late Night Talk Show GASTHoF online on our website: