Virtual film experiences with HoF XR

    Hof history

    Premiere at the Hof International Hof Film Festival: HoF XR (Extended Reality), two projects for the integration of virtual film experiences:

    The German festival premiere of the Cinematic VR Experience AUFWIND can be experienced at the HoF Meeting Point, the B├╝rgergesellschaft. AUFWIND will be experienced in Virtual Reality and with multisensory (vibration, wind, heat, cold, smell): digital worlds in Virtual Reality.

    Augmented Reality (AR) shows the history of the HoF IFF: HoF History - the AR web app is at the same time an exploration tour through the city center of Hof in the city. There, at various points, the current festival poster is tagged with a QR code: a journey in time through HoF History.

    We would like to thank the Rainer Markgraf Foundation in Bayreuth for their support in enabling this great journey into a cinematic future.