Wildly celebrated at the world premiere during the 57th Hof International Film Festival with additional screenings, the furious satirical comedy SURVIVING BRANDENBURG (directed by Ben von Grafenstein and Zoltan Paul) is now starting in cinemas on Thursday, 11 April 2024.

    The auteur Lazlo Kovac finds himself in a real life crisis. When a right-wing politician runs for the mayoral elections as the only candidate, Lazlo seems to come to his senses: In order to prevent the “right-wing bozo” from ruling over his village of 120 souls, he hastily allows himself to be nominated as a liberal counter-candidate.

    "A deeply relaxed provincial comedy."

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    Wonderfully politically incorrect and therefore so important in this election year! Distributor: UCM.One

    The release premiere will take place on Thursday, 11 April 2024 at 19.45h in the Babylon with a repeat screening on Friday, 12 April 2024 at 18.00h at the ACUDkino during the achtung berlin film festival.

    Das Team von ÜBERLEBEN IN BRANDENBURG bei den 57. Internationalen Hofer Filmtagen 2023

    The team of SURVIVING BRANDENBURG at the 57th Hof International Film Festival 2023