Starring myself

In Schrofhausen, entertainer Ricky Sokatoni is a star already. But his sister and manager, Tanja Freitag, has even greater plans for him. Together they will conquer the big world of showbiz! Even Ricky’s beloved mother, herself a TV starlet of the 90s, knew it: there is something very special about Ricky. And to the dead, nothing must be denied. Ricky knows that, too. So he allows himself to be talked into a big, supposedly dazzling tour, despite the worst of stage fever. But are the small stages of the Bavarian village landscape really the right place for him? 

Between the Ballermann queen, ever-increasing egos and Tanja’s shakily constructed lies, the two mercilessly fall on their faces. And the deceased mother turns over in her grave.


Ricky Sokatoni
Johannes Dullin
Tanja Freitag
Karin Hanczewski
Jamie Röhrenkamp
David Zimmerschied
Hanna Salami
Gisa Flake
Renate Freitag
Petra Morzé
Elisa Mangold
Anne Müller
Renate Freitag (jung)
Michaela Schausberger
Ricky (als Kind)
Ted Trube
Tanja (als Kind)
Cora Trube
Bis es mich gibt - Poster 1

Starring myself

Sabine Koder

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2022
de. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 100min
1.85:1, Discrete 5.1
Original Title
Bis es mich gibt

Director & Crew

Sabine Koder 1

Sabine Koder

Born in 1987 in Vienna/Austria. Trained as a Photographer and studied Theater, Film and Media Studies in Vienna. Studied Directing at the University of Television and Film Munich. Active as a director and writer.




2015 LONORA, Kurzfilm  HOF 2015

2017 GAME OVER, Kurzfilm

2019 ZU ZWEIT ALLEIN, Spielfilm

2022 BIS ES MICH GIBT, Spielfilm

“Showbiz serves as a catch-all for lost souls in BIS ES MICH GIBT. In this microcosm, it’s not the world stars who gather, but those who would have liked to have become stars. I think many people understand the desire for recognition. For someone to say, ‘You’re good just the way you are!’

In this case, it’s not just about fame. It’s about earning significance in this world. Ricky and Tanja have never learned that they are somebody, no matter what they do. That’s why they feel they have to prove themselves all the time. It is this tragic-comic tightrope walk that I look for in my films.”

Sabine Koder

Sabine Koder
Director of Photography
Noah Schuller
Kilian Schmid
Production Designer
Lugh Amber Wittig
Set Designer
Mariella Maier
Sandra Hasenöder
Costume Designer
Julia Ebenbichler
Casting Director
Sabine Koder
Ivo Wellmann
Sound Designer
Philip Hutter
Music Composer
Clara Bonnen
Nina Winterstein
Executive Producer
Natalie Hölzel
Sandra Hölzel
Natalie Hölzel