Tom Medina

A juvenile tribunal sends Tom Medina to Camargue into the care of Ulysse, a kind-hearted man who lives in harmony with nature. Under his guidance, Tom – inhabited by visions, fascinated by bulls and horses – becomes an apprentice guardian. He gives up stealing, is hungry for knowledge and aspires to change. Revolted by the unwavering hostility he faces, Tom continues to battle against his destiny. Then he crosses paths with Suzanne...


Tom Medina
David Murgia
Slimane Dazi
Karoline Rose Sun
Suzanne Aubert
Tom Medina - Poster 1

Tom Medina

Tony Gatlif

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
France 2021
fr. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 100min
2.35:1, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

Tony Gatlif 1

Tony Gatlif

Born in 1948 in Algiers/Algeria. From 1960 on, odd jobs in Paris. Training as actor in Paris. Active as a scriptwriter, director, producer, and composer.


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2021 TOM MEDINA, Spielfilm HOF 202

“I was sent to live with a horse-breeder who looked like Charles Bronson with a scar. His name was Jeannot Cochet. That was the inspiration for this film. Tom Medina meets a master who teaches him all about life in the Camargue how to channel the violence he feels. He saves him. […] At the age of 13, as an undocumented runaway from Algeria, I was sleeping on the streets. Stealing. The police arrested me and handcuffed me. They asked me who I was. I was afraid they'd send me back if I gave them my real name. I told them I was Tony Gatlif. […] I sensed my life would change with that name. But I wondered what would happen to me. Go to prison? Work on construction sites? In the end, I made the right choice. It's my name now. The name of the person making this film. I fought destiny and I won. The plan destiny had laid out for me was poverty and injustice. My family was poor. The poorest of the poor. Stripped of everything, even their dignity. My father took a beating from the police right in front of me. That's this film: a kid changing his destiny.”

Tony Gatlif
Director of Photography
Patrick Ghiringhelli
Monique Dartonne
Set Designer
Philippe Kara-mohamed
Costume Designer
Catherine Rigault
Dominique Gaborieau
Music Composer
Tony Gatlif
Delphine Mantoulet
Karoline Rose Sun
Nicolas Reyes
Delphine Mantoulet