Zwischen Uns

Eva and her 13-year-old, autistic son Felix are inseparable. Felix is shy, suffering from attacks of anxiety and rage, and frequently running away from school. Meanwhile, Eva fights with all her might to maintain a stable and harmonious life together. She gets support from her neighbor Pelle, who catches feelings for her. Felix seems to really like him, too. For a short time, a sense of family develops between the three. But Eva soon has to admit to herself that she can no longer cope with the situation at hand, and with the physical strength of her growing son.


Liv Lisa Fries
Jona Eisenblätter
Thure Lindhardt
Lena Urzendowsky
Corinna Harfouch
Zwischen Uns - Poster 2

Zwischen Uns

Max Fey

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
de. OF ohne UT
DCP, Color, 86min
1.85:1, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

Max Fey 1

Max Fey

Born in Cologne in 1979. Studied at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in Munich. Active as editor, screenwriter, and director.


2007 WIE ES BLEIBT, Spielfilm

2008 SOFT SKILLS, Kurzfilm

2021 ZWISCHEN UNS, Spielfilm HOF 2021

"What does it mean to be pushed to the limits by the person you love the most? Or to be forced to separate when you really want nothing more than to be together?

I have met families with autistic children who also faced this inner conflict and needed to make a decision. ZWISCHEN UNS is an attempt to visualize one such story in the most naturalistic and restrained way possible. As I see it, there are no "evil" characters in this film, nor is there a nasty system that makes it impossible for our heroes to live together. The tragedy is that actually, everyone has only good intentions, and nevertheless, or precisely because of this, things take their course.

ZWISCHEN UNS examines a very personal issue for me, but above all, it's a story about love and hope - a new beginning."

Max Fey
Michael Gutmann
Director of Photography
Vasco Viana
Max Fey
Production Designer
Verena Kaupert
Costume Designer
Gesa Lüthje
Casting Director
Ulrike Müller
Franziska Schlattner
Marcus Kirchhoff
Sound Designer
David Sanden
Music Composer
Andi Otto
Stella Gottwald
TV Commissioning Editor
Natalie Lambsdorff
Monika Lobkowicz
Daniela Muck
Florian Schneider
Ingrid Silbernagl
Maren Lüthje