Helmut Göldner (75) lives in the small village of Sieglitz, somewhere in Saxony-Anhalt. When he had his first ‘cinema experience’ at the age of 15, he was smitten. From then on, film reels, projectors and kilometers of country roads determined his life. His wife Rita and daughter Heike are always at his side as critical and ironic observers of their ‘cinematographer’. Almost every day he goes out to show films where cinemas have disappeared a long time ago. He knows a lot about the mentality, the worries and needs of his audience, who often have to think long and hard about whether they can even afford a ticket.

The film accompanies the longest-serving mobile projectionist in Germany in his 60th anniversary year. It tells about love and passion, about what you do and what it does to a family. And about Helmut Göldner the Superman, whose powers, in his opinion, never end and must never end, because after him, there is no one else.



Kinomann - Poster 1


Country, Year
Germany, 2020