The Black Square

Imagine you want to hide, but you have a stage appearance on your agenda.

The art-thieves Vincent and Nils are close to their goal: In their cruise ship cabin lies the 60 million dollar painting "The Black Square", which they are to deliver to their client on board. They have only one small unforeseen appointment beforehand which ought to take place on the ship’s show stage. While they are struggling through their program as Elvis and David Bowie impersonators, unknown perpetrators take the opportunity and steal “The Black Square”...! Vincent, the prevented painter, makes an exact copy of the Malevich piece with somewhat idiosyncratic methods, even a second duplicate after the first one goes missing. Meanwhile, the noose is tightening around the criminal duo: Nils is unmasked, and Vincent does not notice that his acquaintance from the ship’s bar, the immensely artistic Martha, is only seeking his proximity and sits for him as a model because she too, is after one certain thing – “The Black Square”...



Das Das Schwarze Quadrat - Poster 1

Das Schwarze Quadrat

The Black Square

Country, Year
Germany, 2021
No subtitles