The Hof International Film Festival will once again take place this year as a dual festival: The face-to-face screenings in the cinema will take place from 26 to 31 October 2021 in accordance with applicable hygiene regulations, and we also offer plus7streamdays. Until 7 November 2021, most films from their German premiere can be accessed digitally via HoF on Demand.

Other events such as the supporting program HoF PLUS, such as the HoF 7 Minute Pitch for Newcomers, will also be implemented with the applicable pandemic requirements.


The 55th Hof International Film Festival will open on 26 October 2021 with DAS SCHWARZE QUADRAT, peter Meister's debut film. At this year's festival, 134 films will be shown, including 69 feature films and 51 short films. Great discoveries from Germany and varied international cinema await you again.

The catalogue will be available from 22.10. in Hofer Buchhandel. It can also be sent on request. 14€ (plus shipping).

  • |8|16|35|
  • Documentaries
  • Feature films
  • Retrospect
  • Short Films
  • Verleihung
Tuesday, 10-26
Wednesday, 10-27
Thursday, 10-28
Friday, 10-29
Saturday, 10-30
Sunday, 10-31

HoF Plus

HoF PLUS – the supporting programme of the Hof International Film Festival always provides an exciting view over the rows of the cinema hall. The events surrounding the many film screenings allow all lovers a deep insight into the thought processes of the filmmakers. The proximity of them to the audience has shaped and defined the festival since its beginnings.


Electra ́21

Master class

Master Class

20201021 D75 0895

7 minutes speed pitch


Events & Highlights

Daily gasthof

Live Streams

20191025 Panel COUCH ODER KINOSESSEL 5 D3 9528 TN

Discussions & Panels



Ticket sales for the on-site cinema screenings will take place online this year and will start on Sunday, 24 October 2021 at 17:00. Additionally, there will be a ticket booth on site beginning at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 26 October 2021. The ticket prices of the cinema screenings on site: per film: 8 € | Ticket of 5: 35 € | Ticket of 10: 70 €

In addition to the cinema screenings in Hof, you also have the opportunity to bring the cinema experience home – with HoF On Demand. Here you can access all festival films (limited to Germany with geoblocking) online and follow the festival film events.

Screenings in the cinema

The ticket prices of the cinema screenings on site:

  • per film: 8 €
  • Ticket of 5: 35 €
  • Ticket of 10: 70 €

Movies on demand

The ticket prices of the on-demand platform:

  • per film: 7 €
  • Pass of 5: 30 €
  • 10-person pass 55 €
  • Short Film Pass: 20 €


All details about ticket prices and availability can be found on the following page.

Corona Info


We want you to be able to visit the cinema safely and feel comfortable. Therefore, all screenings and events will be carried out with the hygiene standard "3G PLUS" as of today (23.10.2021).

Therefore, a festival visit is only possible for guests who are RECOVERED or VACCINATED or can show a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours. Please bring appropriate proof for your visit. The most useful way to provide proof is with the apps CovPass or Corona-Warn in conjunction with an ID card. In addition, access will be granted to school pupils over the age of 18 who are subject to regular testing as part of their school attendance, evidenced by a valid student ID.

In order to avoid congestion due to access controls, including identity verification, non-transferable admission wristbands will be issued for the current day (tested persons) or for the duration of your stay (recovered, vaccinated persons) after verification of the 3G PLUS requirement or identity verification. Please understand that we are unable to provide testing. There is no mask requirement at your seat in the cinema, but we recommend that all visitors wear masks in their seats as well.

More information about the Corona rules and answers to frequently asked questions will be available here on our website and on notice boards outside the cinemas in the next few days.