Award Tag Zeit Ort
Hans Vogt Award Mittwoch 19:15 Privat
German Cinema New Talent Award Donnerstag 18:00 Freiheitshalle
Award of the City of Hof Donnerstag 18:00 Freiheitshalle
Pharos Shiver Screen Award Freitag 17:15 Scala 1
Friedrich Baur Gold Award Freitag 19:00 Bürgergesellschaft
Short Film Awards of the City of Hof Freitag 22:15 Regina
Hof Critics Award Samstag 15:15 Scala 1
Bild-Kunst Award Samstag 17:30 Scala 1
Granit Hof Documentary Award Samstag 20:00 Scala 1

German Cinema New Talent Award

The German Cinema New Talent Award for Best Film is endowed with 10,000 euros and awarded by Bavaria Film, Bayerischer Rundfunk and the DZ Bank. The prize is awarded to filmmakers for their first, second or third German-produced feature film with a minimum length of 79 minutes which premieres in the program of the Hof International Film Festival. An independent jury selects the winners.

20231026 Foerderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino 026 IMG 4891 MS 169

The German Cinema New Talent Award 2023 goes to

RAW MATERIALS by Tuna Kaptan

In addition, a special commendation is given to: THE BOY WHO OWNS THE WORLD by Robert Gwisdek

The Jury

Constantin Hatz, Jury Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino 2023

Constantin Hatz

Constantin Hatz graduated with a focus on photography and audiovisual media in Vienna. He then studied directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and realized documentaries and feature films. He received several awards for his work, including the German Short Film Award and the German Cinema New Talent Award. His film "Forces" was invited to the "Perspektive Deutsches Kino" of the Berlinale and was awarded the Heiner Carow Prize.

Silvana Santamaria, Jury German Cinema New Talent Award 2023

Silvana Santamaria

Silvana Santamaria, German-Italian filmmaker and producer from Berlin, graduated in 2010 from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. She directed and produced films which were screened and awarded at major Film Festivals as Cannes, Venice, San Sebastian, Warsaw, Shanghai, DOK Leipzig, Rotterdam or Cairo. Santamaria is a member of the European Film Academy and one of 20 uprising European producers selected for the prestigious "Producer on the move" program at Cannes 2023.

Şafak Şengül, Jury Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino 2023

Şafak Şengül

Şafak Şengül started her acting studies at the Rostock University of Music and Drama, which she graduated in 2023. During her studies she was already engaged at the Staatstheater Hannover and shot several film projects, among others directed by Andreas Dresen. She was nominated for the German Cinema New Talent Award for her acting performance in "Clashing Differences" and by Theater Heute as "Young Artist of the Year".

Prize Donors

Award of the City of Hof

This prize was first presented in 1986. The prize itself is an object from the Porcelain Academy in the city of Selb and is dedicated to persons closely connected to Hof and the festival. The awardees are generally not represented with a film in the official festival program during the year the award is presented.

20231026 Filmpreis Stadt Hof 2023 016 BL9 A0831 AR 169

The Award of the City of Hof 2023 goes to

Stefan Paul

Distributor, director and producer

Award ceremony

Prize Donor

Short Film Awards of the City of Hof

The Jury Short Film Award of the City of Hof is determined by a jury consisting of three members for short films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the Audience Short Film Award of the City of Hof, on the other hand, visitors can vote for all short films in the cinema as well as digitally at our streaming festival. The prizes are each endowed with Euro 2.500.

20231027 Jury Kurzfilmpreis Stadt Hof 022 BL9 A1788 AR 169

The Jury Short Film Award of the City of Hof 2023 goes to

CRAZY BLOOD by Can Tanyol as well as to
MY ORANGE GARDEN by Anna-Sophia Richard

The Jury

Ursula Gruber, Jury-Kurzfilmpreis der Stadt Hof 2023

Ursula Gruber

Filmmaker (documentary film) and screenwriter (feature film) from Munich. She has a penchant for milieu studies, intercultural themes, dramedy and children's films. Became well-known with "Summer in Orange" and "Vampire Sisters 1-3", various awards, currently in the cinema with "Thabo - The Rhino Adventure".

Denise M’Baye, Short Film Jury Award of the City of Hof 2023

Denise M’Baye

Denise M'Baye has been active in film and television since 2009 and now also as a podcaster. In 2022 she was awarded the Heimspiel Award for her role as Dr. Ellen Cooper in "The Ordinaries". In 2023, we will see her in the ZDF neo series "Was wir fürchten" (What we fear) as well as in the Netflix production "Die Liebeskümmerer" (The love carers) and the children's series "Mein Traum, meine Geschichte" (My dream, my story).

Juliane Pielot, Jury-Kurzfilmpreis der Stadt Hof 2023

Juliane Pielot

Juliane Pielot studied German language and literature and philosophy (Mag.) in Berlin and then started working in press relations with a focus on arthouse films and festivals. For the past five years she has been part of the German film distributor missingFILMs, which she manages together with Christos Acrivulis and Andreas Severin.

Audience Short Film Award

For the Audience Short Film Award of the City of Hof, you can cast your vote for all short films both in the cinema and at our streaming festival. Please rate a short film with one to five stars, five stars is the top rating.

Eva Döhla, Mayor of the City of Hof and Head of the Cultural Office Peter Nürmberger present the Audience Short Film Award to Max Riemer for NO ONE LIKE YOU

The Audience Short Film Award of the City of Hof 2023 goes to

NO ONE LIKE YOU by Maximilian Riemer

Prize Donor

Friedrich Baur Gold Award

The Friedrich Baur Gold Award is presented for the best direction in a first feature film by the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in memoriam Heinz Badewitz. The prize consists of a certified gold bar worth around 35,000 euros. In addition, the prize includes artistic advice for the development of a new film project over a period of one year. This year's mentor for the Gold Award is media artist Corinna Schnitt.

20231027 Friedrich Baur Goldpreis 2023 039 BL9 A1575 AR 169

The Friedrich Baur Gold Award 2023 goes to

Pauline Schläger for THEN I'D RATHER DIE


Corinna Schnitt

Friedrich-Baur-Goldpreis 2023, Mentorin Corinna Schnitt

Corinna Schnitt is an artist and filmmaker and since 2009 professor for film and video at the HBK. She was a visiting artist at Calarts, Valencia, USA in 2004 and 2005 and a professor at the HFBK in Hamburg from 2007 to 2009. Her work includes video and film as well as drawing, photography and writing. Corinna Schnitt has participated in numerous exhibitions and film screenings and has had solo exhibitions at Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Chinati Foundation Marfa, Texas, USA and Sprengel Museum, Hannover, among others.

Award ceremony

Prize Donor

Hans Vogt Award

The prize is awarded by the city of Rehau to a filmmaker who has made innovative and creative efforts to express and enhance the quality of film sound in his or her work and is endowed with € 5,000.

The Hans Vogt Award 2023 goes to Günter Schwaiger.

The Hans Vogt Award 2023 goes to

Günter Schwaiger

Director, author and producer

Award ceremony

Prize Donor

Granit Hof Documentary Award

The Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation, which is based in Hof, has been awarding the prize, endowed with 7,500 euros, since 2015 for the best feature-length documentary film from German, Swiss or Austrian production. The prize is designed in cooperation with the European Training Centre for Stonemasonry and Stone Sculpting in Wunsiedel according to a design by Mohamed Naguib. The Egyptian is an award-winning sculptor and lecturer at the University of Alexandria.

20231028 Granit 2023 036 BL9 A2063 AR 169jpg

The GRANIT - Hof Documentary Award 2023 goes to

FRANK MEYER by Leonhard Hofmann and Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic

In addition, special commendations are given to the films:

RESTORATION by Gudrun Gruber

SLEEPING GIANT by Markus Schröder


Special commendations

Award ceremony

The Jury

Paola Calvo, Jury GRANIT Hofer Dokumentarfilmpreis 2023

Paola Calvo

TUMULT is a Berlin-based directing duo consisting of Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim. Their first feature-length documentary LUCHADORAS celebrated its world premiere at the prestigious SXSW and won several awards, among others at TIFF, SEMINCI, Nottingham as well as HoF.

Patrick Jasim, Jury GRANIT Hofer Dokumentarfilmpreis 2023

Patrick Jasim

They are currently preparing their second feature length documentary and are also producing shorter formats. Inspired by their Latin American and Arab roots, empowerment stands as a dominant theme in their work.

Franziska Schönenberger, Jury GRANIT Hofer Dokumentarfilmpreis 2023

Franziska Schönenberger

Franziska Schönenberger, writer and director, explores the idea of home, family and belonging in her stories. In cooperation with Jayakrishnan Subramanian she produced the documentaries AMMA & APPA and DIE SCHATTEN DER WÜSTE as well as the two award-winning short films RETTAI JADAI - DAS MÄDCHEN MIT DEN ROTEN SCHLEIFEN and MY MIRROR (HoF 2020).

Prize Donor

Bild-Kunst Award

The Bild-Kunst Award for Best Costume Design and Best Set Design was founded in 1997 as an award for the best production design by the "Film and Television Production Design" course at the HFF Munich. In 2010, the award was expanded to include the prize for "Best Costume Design", awarded by the Association of Professional Groups for Production Design and Costume Design (VSK). In addition, the Kulturwerk Foundation of VG BILD-KUNST was acquired as the main sponsor. Since then, the two prizes have been endowed with € 2,500 each.

20231028 VSK Bild Kunst Foerderpreis 2023 017 BL9 A1879 AR 169

The Bild-Kunst Award 2023 goes to

Carola Pizzini for Best Costume Design in WOODLAND

Nina Salak for Best Setting in WOODLAND

The jury

The jury selects all feature-length films screened at the festival. The jury is composed of experienced costume and production designers, mainly from the VSK membership, and a representation of students from film schools or VG Bild-Kunst: Monika Gebauer (costume designer), Josefine Lindner (set designer), Carola Raum (costume designer), Christian Schäfer (set designer) and Elena Alvarez (director).


Award ceremony

Prize Donors

Hof Critics Award

The Hof Critics Award will be awarded at the Hof International Film Festival to a feature film debut from Austria, Switzerland or Germany. The award recognizes a director and the production company that creatively explore innovative avenues and/or address socially relevant issues.

20231028 HOFER KRITIKER PREIS Gewinner 053 1 JG07972 JG 169

The Hof Critics Award for the Best Direction 2023 goes to


The Hof Critics Award for the Best Production 2023 goes to

Krystallplaneten for Å ØVE - PRACTICE

The Jury

Susanne Gottlieb, Jury Hofer Kritiker Preis 2023

Susanne Gottlieb

Susanne Gottlieb is a culture and film journalist from Vienna whose texts have been published in the daily newspapers Der Standard, Kleine Zeitung, Wiener Zeitung, NZZ am Sonntag, in the magazines TV Media, Filmbulletin, The Gap and Cineuropa. Other guest articles have been written for Kino Zeit, Talking Shorts, Ubiquarian and DMovies. She works in the cinema team and as an exhibition assistant at Metro Kino Kulturhaus and has collaborated on catalogs for the Zurich Film Festival and Locarno Film Festival. She holds degrees in journalism and theater studies.

Holger Heiland, Jury Hofer Kritiker Preis 2023

Holger Heiland

Holger Heiland lives as a freelance author and journalist in Berlin. His film and cultural criticism appears in Jungle World and Die Presse (Vienna), on the portal Kunst + Film and his own blog At the Humboldt University in Berlin, he teaches creative writing to students of linguistics in practical seminars. His film "Tangled" (2000), for which he was responsible for writing and directing, screened at film festivals worldwide. In 2022 his first novel "Vom Wetter reden und vom Tod" (Talking about the weather and death) was published, in 2023 the novella "Vom Ordnen der Dinge" (On ordering things).

Teresa Vena, Jury Hofer Kritiker Preis 2023

Teresa Vena

Teresa Vena is a film critic and curator. She writes for various print and online media such as NZZamSo, Filmbulletin and Cineuropa. In 2022, she took over as co-editor-in-chief of the Swiss film trade magazine Cinébulletin. In addition to her work as a critic, she develops thematic film series. She founded the film cycle "Magnificent Films!", which presents films from the Netherlands and Flanders, and the Festival Film: Switzerland. Her fields of interest and research are the film landscapes of German-speaking countries, Latin America and Asia.

Prize donors

Pharos Shiver Screen Award

The PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD will be presented to a film from the genres of thriller, horror, action, science fiction, etc. and is endowed with 2,500 euros. The award is international in scope and can be for a short or first or second feature-length film. The prize is supplemented by mentoring and an option for world distribution through The Playmaker Munich.

20231027 Pharos Shiver Screen Award 196 R6 LS9762 Foto Luca Scheuring

The Pharos Shiver Screen Award 2023 goes to the film

SCHERBEN by Philipp Fröhlich and Dominik Gross


Award ceremony

The Jury

Christian Pfeil, Jury Pharos Shiver Screen Award 2023

Christian Pfeil

Christian Pfeil manages several cinemas in Jena, Gera and Munich. He has received several awards for his dedicated cinema work. He still works as an actor and takes on teaching activities, for example at the HFF Munich, the Babelsberg Film University and the CICAE Arthouse Cinema Training & Mentoring at the Venice Film Festival.

Romain Roll, Jury Pharos Shiver Screen Award 2023

Romain Roll

Romain Roll is International Industry Project Manager at the Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival in Slovenia. He is a co-founder of BIF-Market and has been working in various fields of the genre film industry for almost 40 years. As an actor, he can be seen in Paul Burrow's thriller "Nature Morte" and in Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani's "The Strange Color of your Body's Tears".

Ramona Sehr, Jury Pharos Shiver Screen Award 2023

Ramona Sehr

Ramona Sehr from Munich shot five short films during her directing studies at the HFF Munich. "Pan" was awarded the Starter Film Prize in 2018. Already during her studies she was active as a writer in writer's rooms.

Prize donors