Let’s go TO THE STARS ...

    The team of TO THE STARS at the 54th Hof International Film Festival

    ... what better could an introduction to the HoF Rendezvous possibly be! On Saturday, 17 April 2021 at 7:00 pm, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we will look together up TO THE STARS in the virtual Central Kino, where director Nicolai Tegeler, lead actor Günter Barton and co-producer Tobias York will be available for conversation after the film:

    Decades after the fall of the Wall, pop singer Marco Hoffmann has reached the peak of his popularity. Then the former lead singer of the GDR rock combo DIE KOSMONAUTEN is suddenly accused by his former bandmate Volker Hinze of being the “IM singer” who betrayed him to the Stasi back then. The conspiratorial meeting of the former “blood brothers” turns into a life and death confrontation.

    What does a change in the system do to people? For some it’s an opportunity, for others it’s the end. TO THE STARS starts as a buddy movie and gradually develops into a tense psychological game with an uncertain outcome. It’s a good thing that the filmmakers provide clarification during the discussion after the film.

    The movie and talk are free of charge. But donation tickets with a freely selectable amount can be purchased. All proceeds go to the filmmakers. As always, many thanks to our Rendezvous partners Central Kino Hof, Rotary Club Hof and » Kino on Demand.

    In addition, there will again be cinema galore at Lodderbast – see for yourself at www.lodderbast.de. And the 44th Grenzland-Filmtage Selb International Film Festival offers a convincing program for all cinema fans with its online edition until 21 April 2021.

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    HoF Rendezvous online live screenings of TO THE STARS with an interactive chat / feature film (German) / OV German / 73 minutes / available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria / Director: Nicolai Tegeler will be on hand in the film talk following the film, other guests include leading actor Günter Barton and co-producer Tobias York

    Saturday, 17 April 2021 at 7:00 pm (film starts at 7:30 pm)

    Virtual Central Kino-Hof, admission via
    » www.hofer-filmtage.com

    How much:
    Donation ticket with freely selectable amount, all proceeds go to the filmmakers.

    Since 2017, the Hof International Film Festival has been organizing the HoF Rendezvous under the motto “let’s do it again” at the Central Kino in Hof and since 2018 at the Lodderbast in Hanover too. These are screenings organized throughout the year as part of the Hof International Film Festival. The filmmakers also present their films in person. By doing this, we allow the festival to have further impact and increase the anticipation for the next festival edition. And at the same time, the filmmakers are promoted once again through our communication channels.

    Currently, the HoF Rendezvous takes place with the support of the Rotary Club Hof as well as Kino on Demand in the virtual Central Kino online and live with an audience chat.