As a guest at the 54th Hof International Film Festival: King Bansah
    The GRANIT - Hof Documentary Award 2020 goes to KING BANSAH AND HIS DAUGHTER by Agnes Lisa Wegner.

    The world stands on its head and can watch when on Saturday, 10 April 2021 at 7:00 pm at the HoF Royal Rendezvous in the virtual Central Kino KING BANSAH AND HIS DAUGHTER are our guests. And director Agnes Lisa Wegner, who received the GRANIT - Hof Documentary Film Award for her production at the last Hof International Film Festival, will give us insights into her work:

    Katharina is an artist, feminist and graphic designer. One day she will follow in the footsteps of her father, Céphas Bansah. He is not only a master mechanic in Ludwigshafen, but also a tribal king in Ghana. How burdensome is the legacy? Can Ghana become a home for Katharina and where does she belong?

    Agnes Lisa Wegner’s KING BANSAH AND HIS DAUGHTER “... breaks with many clichés in a surprising way ... Complex themes such as identity and homeland are thus presented in an entertaining way for a larger audience.”

    from the GRANIT jury’s statement by Angela Christlieb, Britta Schoening and Markus Mörth

    The film is “... a plea for more tolerance and courage within our society to welcome diversity.” (BR).

    Before the film, Kerstin Fröber, first chairwoman of the supporting association of the Grenzland-Filmtage Selb International Film Festival, gives tips about her festival once again.

    The film and talk are available worldwide and free of charge. But of course, donation tickets with a freely selectable amount can be purchased. All proceeds go to the projects of King Bansah in Ghana. As always, many thanks to our Rendezvous partners Central Kino Hof, Rotary Club Hof and » Kino on Demand. Furthermore, we would like to thank the Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation, who support us, among others, with the GRANIT - Hof Documentary Film Award.

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    HoF Rendezvous online screening of KING BANSAH AND HIS DAUGHTER / documentary (Germany/Ghana) / OV German/English with German and English subtitles / 85 minutes / available worldwide without geo-blocking / Director: Agnes Lisa Wegner will join us in the film talk following the screening, further guests include King Bansah and Katharina Bansah

    Saturday, 10 April 2021 at 7:00 pm CET (film starts at 7:30 pm)

    Virtual Central Kino in Hof, admission via

    How much:
    Donation tickets with freely selectable amount, all proceeds go to the projects of King Bansah.

    Since 2017, the Hof International Film Festival has been organizing the HoF Rendezvous under the motto “let’s do it again” at the Central Kino in Hof and since 2018 at the Lodderbast in Hanover too. These are screenings organized throughout the year as part of the Hof International Film Festival. The filmmakers also present their films in person. By doing this, we allow the festival to have further impact and increase the anticipation for the next festival edition. And at the same time, the filmmakers are promoted once again through our communication channels.

    Currently, the HoF Rendezvous takes place with the support of the Rotary Club Hof as well as Kino on Demand in the virtual Central Kino online and live with an audience chat.