Bild-Kunst Award 2022 for works in MERMAIDS DON'T CRY

    Award ceremony Bild-Kunst Award 2022

    The 2022 award winners are:

    Johanna Pflaum

    Bild-Kunst Award - Best Costume Design for her work in MERMAIDS DON'T CRY

    Thomas Lehner and Rafael Loß

    Bild-Kunst Award - Best Setting for their works in MERMAIDS DON'T CRY

    Jury statement

    "In Franziska Pflaum's magnificent film MERMAIDS DON'T CRY, they say: »Out of an infinite number of small things, the big picture emerges.«

    For supermarket cashier Annika (played by Stefanie Reinsperger), the ideal world exists underwater. With her mermaid fin, she regularly dives into her childlike, imaginative underwater landscape at the municipal indoor swimming pool. We are just too happy to follow her into her real world - it's so beautiful there, too!

    In her lovingly furnished realm, her apartment in a high-rise housing estate, there is unfortunately not the sea, but only the TV. And instead of fish, her father and the children sent by her best friend are hanging around, making themselves comfortable there as well. They are literally getting up close and personal with her ... or rather, on the scales. Annika needs more space for herself, she longs for the sea. She wants to reinvent herself with a Mermaid costume that is far too expensive for her. The ideal fin must come!"

    "The congenial production and costume design transport the optimism and positive power of the characters. There is liveliness, lightness and love in everything."

    "Costume designer Johanna Pflaum and set designers Thomas Lehner and Rafael Loß have created an enchanting cosmos that charmingly embraces us with more than a wink and its playful color scheme. This consistent setting is visible in every single picture. This deserves our utmost respect.

    Thank you for enriching us so much with your great and humorous work! It was the purest pleasure!"

    Jury members

    This year's jury consisted of production designer Birgit Kniep-Gentis (VSK), costume designers Birgitt Kilian, Janina Brinkmann and Tanja Hausner, editor Florentine Bruck and production design student Josephine Brauer.

    Since 2010, the VSK has awarded the promotional prizes with the Kulturwerk Foundation of VG BILD-KUNST as the main sponsor. The prizes are endowed with € 2,500 each. This year's selection included 17 German feature film productions that celebrated their German premiere at the Hof Film Festival.