Film experience from analog to digital

56th Hof International Film Festival 2022

We are pleased to present this year's poster design for the 56th Hof International Film Festival:

An analog piece of film, which we all recognize, shows a digital 56 in a counting circle. The counting direction points upwards. The poster design thus reflects the festival's range as a unique analog as well as digital experience. The focus is on the future-oriented view of cinema, filmmakers and the audience.

Digitalization is, of course, also constantly changing the world of cinema. Film content is available everywhere and at all times on a wide variety of platforms, which has been changing viewer behavior for years. When, where and what is seen is decided by the audience. The pandemic favors these possibilities.

The festival lives and loves cinema…

…For this very reason, it is important to us to take a close look at changing conditions and to use them proactively for the continuation of cinema culture. Since 2020, the festival has also been held as a hybrid event for these reasons. Film screenings at the cinemas in Hof are the primary way to enjoy films, also exclusively with the "|8 |16 |35 | - HoF Classics on Film" series. Because the best part remains the visit in the familiar atmosphere in HoF, the Home of Films.

In addition, the festival uses digital distribution and communication channels to offer the audience a diverse and lasting festival experience. This creates an extended promotion and networking platform for the films and their makers, e.g. via films for digital rental via HoF on Demand and industry events in Hof on our own live stream channel.

Cinema seat and sofa – past, present and future united by film. With our poster design, we invite you to the great celebration of cinema.