Sebastian Brauneis‘ THE LANDLADY in Austrian cinemas


    In Austria, Sebastian Brauneis’ feature film THE LANDLADY will be released in cinemas on Thursday, 18 January 2024: Johanna has one weakness: she is a dreamer. Her greatest wish: a place to live and feel well in. And she’s actually found it already, if it weren’t for her landlady, Mrs. Schrankinger, real estate agent Mario and lawyer Dr. Winter. They make Johanna’s life a living hell. Will she manage to turn the tide?

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    “Precarity meets high snobiety against the backdrop of the Austrian housing market, guided by karma, fate, and financial possibilities, and engineered by a pseudo-bourgeois con man and a rich but desolate girlfriend. With no-budget charm and wit, sophisticated characters, trenchant dialogues, satirical socio-critical commentary, and bitter plot twists, Sebastian Brauneis tells of a tenancy in which the law does not equate with justice.”

    Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film
    57. Internationale Hofer Filmtage: Regisseur Sebastian Brauneis bei der Premiere von DIE VERMIETERIN

    57th Hof International Film Festival: Director Sebastian Brauneis at the premiere of THE LANDLADY