“Indoor Cinema” at the HoF Rendezvous with three short films


    After the successful first short film Rendezvous 3 weeks ago, we’ll continue on Saturday, 20 March 2021 at 7:00 pm with “Indoor Cinema” in the virtual Central-Kino Hof and short films from a room on the (digital) screen:

    As GOLDILOCKS (director: Philipp Straetker), key emergency service Mara helps people day after day who have locked themselves out of their apartment. But she herself prefers to hole up in her dark apartment and dream of the beaches of California. Everything changes when Mara becomes involved in a freak burglary during a nighttime assignment.

    Also unexpectedly, Simon and Lea:s life in their shared apartment evolves when Simon sells her damaged washing machine. THE WASHING MACHINE (director: Dominik Hartl) – no guarantee, only self-collection – finds a lucky buyer in Hassan until the moment when Hassan’s apartment is flooded.

    The couple JACK & JUNE (directed by Rilana Nitsch, Paul Hilgedieck, Tim Olcay) live side by side. A movie night at home is supposed to save their relationship. The attempt starts more than boring, but slowly the cinema captivates the two and everything develops into a dream journey ...

    Three short films by five directorial talents from the last Hof International Film Festival open up a gripping cinematic world for us from inside rooms. After the films we already look forward to the conversation with the filmmakers.

    The screening is free of charge, but of course there is the possibility to buy a donation ticket with a freely selectable amount. All proceeds go to the rights holders in equal parts. Our thanks go to our Rendezvous supporters: Central Kino-Hof, Rotary Club Hof and » Kino on Demand.

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    HoF Rendezvous online screening of three short films, total runtime 64 minutes, geo-blocking for Germany

    D / 25 minutes / Director: Philipp Straetker
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    A / 25 minutes / Director: Dominik Hartl
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    D / 14 minutes / Directors: Rilana Nitsch, Paul Hilgedieck, Tim Olcay
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    Afterwards: Film discussion with the directors without geo-blocking. The entry link for the informal talk afterwards, which will not be broadcast publicly, will be announced towards the end of the film talk.

    Saturday, 20 March 2021 at 7:00 pm (film starts at 7:30 pm)

    Virtual Central Kino Hof
    » www.hofer-filmtage.com

    How much:
    Donation ticket with freely selectable amount – proceeds go in equal parts completely to the rights owners.

    Since 2017, the Hof International Film Festival has been organizing the HoF Rendezvous under the motto “let’s do it again” at the Central Kino in Hof and the Lodderbast in Hanover. These are screenings organized throughout the year as part of the Hof International Film Festival. The filmmakers also present their films in person. By doing this, we allow the festival to have further impact and increase the anticipation for the next festival edition. And at the same time, the filmmakers are promoted once again through our communication channels.

    Currently, the HoF Rendezvous takes place with the support of the Rotary Club Hof as well as Kino on Demand in the virtual Central Kino online and live with an audience chat.