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HoF 2021: The Team of GO HEAL YOURSELF

GO HEAL YOURSELF by Yasmin C. Rams will be released in cinemas in Germany on Thursday, 21 April 2022. The filmmaker, who suffers from epilepsy, lets us participate in her attempt at self-healing away from (or with?) conventional medicine. In her search for alternative methods, she meets people from all over the world who tell her how they have found new ways to treat and deal with their chronic illnesses.

"A documentary as funny as it is touching. [...] A personal work that remains critical and self-critical - in search of its own well-being." (BR kinokino) Awarded the "especially valuable" rating by the FBW. "Powerful. [...] You can't help but be emotionally attached to the people presented in GO HEAL YOURSELF. [...] We are fully immersed in Yasmin's journey."  Reel News Daily, Liz Whittemore.

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Documentary / 105 minutes / OV German, English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cinematography VITA SPIESS / Editor KIRSTEN KIENINGER / Sound TORSTEN LENK, JOSÉ JAIRO FLOREZ FLOREZ / Sound Design MORITZ CORELL / Score PATRICK PUSZKO / Commissioning Editor KATYA MADER, Production YASMIN C. RAMS, RODNEY CHARLES / Director YASMIN C. RAMS, Theatrical release on Thursday, 21 April 2022, Distributor: mindjazz