achtung berlin is celebrating its 20th!

    achtung berlin Filmfestival

    The achtung berlin Filmfestival celebrates its 20th anniversary from Wednesday, 10 April 2024 to Wednesday, 17 April 2024.

    Some of the “HoFies” will celebrate there as well: THE BOY WHO OWNS THE WORLD (Robert Gwisdek), RAW MATERIALS (Tuna Kaptan), STICK TOGETHER (Felix Maria Bühler), DANCING HEARTBEATS (Lisa Wagner), HARRAGA (Benjamin Rost), QUEER EXILE BERLIN (Jochen Hick), SURVIVING BRANDENBURG (Ben von Grafenstein, Zoltan Paul) and DICKE MÄDCHEN (Axel Ranisch / 45th Hof International Film Festival 2011).

    Photo: achtung berlin Film Festival